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Showcase LUMINEERS for Smile Makeover

6th Annual World Congress Of Minimally Invasive Dentistry Showcases LUMINEERS For Smile Makeovers

SOURCE: Light Years Ahead

LUMINEERS by Cerinate Exemplify the Minimally Invasive Dentistry Philosophy

Los Angeles - The 6th Annual World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry (WCMID) Conference will proudly feature new, revolutionary LUMINEERS BY CERINATE, the only form of smile improvement that is painless, pleasant and permanent. LUMINEERS, epitomizing the practice of Minimally Invasive Dentistry, have changed the way that over 7,500 dentists worldwide practice, offering contact-lens thin, yet strong veneers that are applied without the removal of sensitive tooth structure. The need for anesthetic shots during a veneer procedure could virtually become obsolete with the resounding popularity of LUMINEERS. Dentists are so excited about LUMINEERS that some of the most frequent recipients are patients who are either dentists themselves or family members.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry (MID) is the fastest growing movement within the dental profession today. MID is the practice of removing the least amount of tooth structure, bone or tissue necessary, which is why LUMINEERS fit so ideally into the philosophy. The WCMID is made up of dentists who are "committed to providing their patients with the best care available using minimally invasive techniques." The organization's mission is to educate dentists as well as dental school students and faculty on these techniques.

The WCMID conference will take place at the Loews Coronado Resort in San Diego from August 15 - 19, 2005. On Friday, August 19 from 2 to 5 pm, Dr. Robert Ibsen, president and founder of Den-Mat Corp., manufacturer of LUMINEERS, will lecture on "Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedures," covering information on frequently untreated cosmetic needs, simplified cosmetic procedures and how to revitalize porcelain and metal restorations. A live Webcast will be presented on the placement of LUMINEERS during this year's meeting.

In many situations, LUMINEERS can provide instant teeth straightening. They are a convenient substitute for braces and other orthodontics, depending on occlusion. The procedure may also be used on worn teeth to strengthen, prevent and even restore further wear. LUMINEERS can even be placed over crowns to improve esthetics and help rejuvenate a smile. LUMINEERS come with a 5-year warranty.

LUMINEERS can only be made from patented Cerinate porcelain, an innovative porcelain, crafted through a proprietary process unavailable anywhere other than Den-Mat Corporation.

In just two or three visits to the dentist, LUMINEERS creates a custom-made smile clinically proven to last up to 20 years. LUMINEERS are the best of both worlds -- ultra thin, yet super strong for a radiant smile that resists any micro-cracking, which can damage restorations.

LUMINEERS evolved from Den-Mat's successful Cerinate Smile Design Studios, used by over 7,500 dentists nationwide. Dental Products Report, a top dental trade publication, recently awarded LUMINEERS a spot in the "Top 10 Products" list.


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