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Fixodent Denture Adhesive Label

Dear Dental Professional

This letter provides information regarding updated label instructions on all Fixodent denture adhesives. Providing safe and effective products for consumers is our number one priority. In support of these efforts, all Fixodent denture adhesive packaging has been updated to provide consumers and professionals with more detailed information on how to use Fixodent denture adhesive. We have also updated the and websites. In addition, we are urging denture wearers to consult their dentist or prosthodontist regularly to ensure properly fitting dentures, as poorly fitting dentures may impair health. Frequently this is manifested by oral ulceration and irritation due to aberrant denture movement and the potential for poor nutrition due to reduction in chewing efficiency. Importantly, the patient's quality of life may be impacted because of posturing to hold the denture in place and alterations to speech.

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