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Study: All Infant formula contains Fluoride at Tooth-Discoloring Levels

Studies: All infant formula contains fluoride at tooth-discoloring levels

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All infant formulas, whether ready-to-feed, concentrated or organic, contain fluoride at levels which can discolor developing teeth, reports the October 2009 Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA)(1).

Fluoride, added to some bottled and public water supplies ostensibly to prevent cavities, is also in many foods and beverages, including infant formula. Excessive fluoride discolors and/or weakens permanent teeth (moderate fluorosis).

Researchers measured fluoride content of 49 infant formulas. See:

The research team concludes, "Most infants from birth to age 12 months who consume predominantly powdered and liquid concentrate formula are likely to exceed the upper tolerable limit [of fluoride] if the formula is reconstituted with optimally fluoridated water (0.7 - 1.2 ppm)."

Surprisingly, the study reveals that all 6-month-olds and younger will also exceed the lower "adequate intake" (0.01 mg/day) from all formulas (concentrated or not) risking moderate dental fluorosis from formula, alone.(2)

Breast milk contains about 250 times less fluoride than "optimally" fluoridated water and isn't linked to fluorosis.

"Babies don't need fluoride, and fluoride ingestion doesn't reduce tooth decay," says attorney Paul Beeber, President, New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. "So why are U.S. babies still exposed to unnecessary fluoride chemicals via the water and food supplies, and why aren't parents informed of the consequences?" asks Beeber.

Up to 48% of school children have fluorosed teeth - 4% severe, reports the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)(3).

Both the CDC and the American Dental Association's web sites advise parents to avoid mixing fluoridated water into concentrated infant formula, but they have never effectively broadcast this information to parents or the media(4,5).

A review of human studies by different researchers published in JADA (July 2009) concluded, "Our systematic review indicated that the consumption of infant formula [concentrated and ready-to-feed] is, on average, associated with an increased risk of developing at least some detectable level of enamel fluorosis."(6)

"Parents, protect your children since dental and government agencies won't. Petition local and state legislators to stop adding unnecessary and harmful fluoride chemicals into public water supplies and, thereby, into our food supply," says Beeber. "Further, demand that the fluoride content of all food products be required on labels."

USDA: Fluoride-content of common foods:

Source: New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc.

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