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FAQ's about Dentures

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Will Crest whitestrips or bleaching whiten dentures? If not, is there any similar product that will?

No. The way whitening strips work is through peroxide... It penetrates the tooth structure, to clean the teeth. This can't happen with dentures, since they're made out of plastic or porcelain. The strips also will not bleach crowns, caps, or fillings. Bleaching gels will work on the natural tooth. Your best bet for denture stains is to brush thoroughly with special dental cleansers.... Polident overnight claims to remove stains. Click for denture products.

Alternatively, see your dentist who can professionally clean your dentures and then keep them white with a daily denture cleanser. One cannot whiten denture teeth beyond their original color when they were new.

If you are unhappy with the original color and like the fit of your dentures, a dentist can replace the front teeth with a whiter tooth and in many cases get it back to you within 24 hrs, sometimes even the same day. Another option is denture duplication. Here the dentist can copy almost precisely your current dentures and have another set made with whiter teeth.

Polident Denture Care - Cleansers

Are there any denture materials that Polident can not be used with; i.e. softer acrylic materials?

Polident is safe for use with all denture materials. It is safe for use on porcelain or Acrylic teeth as well as all acrylics used for the base of the denture, regardless of its rigidity.

Can Polident be used with orthodontic appliances?

Polident for Partials is recommended for effectively cleaning orthodontic appliances. Polident for Partials contains no oxidants/bleaching agents (the ingredient which can possibly corrode some metals), therefore it is safe for use on metal appliances when used as directed.

What are the ingredients in Polident that provides cleaning?

Polident's anti-bacterial cleaning system has several ingredients that participate in the cleaning process. The effervescent action (Sodium Bicarbonate and Citric Acid) provides mechanical cleaning action to loosen particles from the denture. The effervescent compounds also reduce odor by neutralizing the by-products of bacteria. The enzyme (everlace; Overnight only) breaks down and food proteins in plaque. The oxidants (sodium perborate & potassium monopersulfate) remove stains and whiten the denture teeth. The detergents (sodium polyphosphate & several others) clean by removing virtually all the particles that were broken down and loosened by the previously mentioned active ingredients.

How does Polident remove stains?

The oxidizing agents are the primary stain removers, while the detergents and the enzyme (Overnight only) also aid in the break down of food proteins. The oxidizing agents act as a whitener/bleaching agent that removes the stains. The detergents emulsify oily stains and keep them dispersed and suspended away from the denture, and the enzyme breaks down stain particles to simple forms. The detergents then remove the stain particles.

Is Polident antibacterial?

Yes, Polident is proven to kill odor-causing bacteria.

How long do patients have to soak their denture and how often?

Patients should soak their denture everyday, and follow the directions on the box for the duration of the soak, as it is dependant upon the variant purchased. 5-minute soak for 5 minutes. This is ideal for patients that want a quick cleaning during the day. Overnight Longer cleaning period to allow antimicrobial agents, detergents and enzymes to work to clean and remove tough stains Partials Specially formulated to clean both /pages/ the acrylic surface and metal clasps. Also good for cleaning orthodontic appliances.

Is it safe to soak dentures overnight in Polident?

All Polident variants are safe for the overnight soaking of dentures. It is important to note that Polident Overnight is specifically formulated to clean all night long and is ideal for overnight soaking and cleaning. Polident 5-Minute is also safe for overnight cleaning, and will not harm the denture.

Are there any long term effects on the denture material with regular overnight use?

The only long-term effect of regular overnight use on denture material is a clean denture. It is perfectly safe to soak your denture in Polident for the duration of the night, and there are no negative effects.

I don�t recommend long term use of Polident because it can discolor the acrylic.

Polident is safe for long-term use. Polident has been through extensive testing and none of our studies have indicated that long-term use of Polident will discolor the acrylic material. Acrylic, like many other materials will naturally fade over time. As the acrylic denture is exposed to ultra violet light, the color will fade. This is in no way associated with the long-term use of Polident.

What is the maximum amount of time a denture can be left in Polident?

There is no maximum amount of time provided the solution does not dry out.

Polident can't remove plaque on the denture I recommend brushing.

There are clinical studies that indicate Polident effervescent products have been proven to help remove plaque build up from the denture. It is well known that brushing is an important part of complete denture hygiene. Polident directions for use recommend brushing dentures with the Polident effervescent solution after soaking or with a denture paste such as Dentu-Creme or Dentu-Gel.

Mechanical action/brushing is the best for cleaning dentures.

There are areas of a denture that a denture wearer, especially an elderly wearer, may not be able to effectively clean by brushing. Polident effervescent cleaning action can reach where brushing can miss. Brushing alone does not provide the thorough anti-bacterial cleaning action of Polident tablets. If the patient is brushing it is important to educate them that a denture paste, such as Dentu-Creme or Dentu-Gel, are the recommended pastes because family toothpaste are too abrasive.

I recommend soaking in mouthwash and water.

Polident is an anti-bacterial cleaning system and it is the best method of cleaning dentures. Mouthwash does leave the denture wearer with a fresh taste in their mouth, however, Polident helps remove stains and provide effervescent cleaning action. Mouthwash is indicated for use only in the oral cavity. Polident is specifically designed to clean denture material.

Why should I recommend Polident over Efferdent?

Polident is the only denture cleanser that provides patients with a choice of different variants for individual need states (5-Minute, Overnight and Partials). Polident Overnight denture cleanser has an enzyme (everlace) that breaks down food proteins. Polident 5-Minute is the only denture cleanser formula to clean in 5 minutes. Polident is the market leader, which means that patients are more satisfied with Polident than any other denture cleanser.

Why are there a variety Polident variants?

Polident is the Denture Cleanser that provides your patients with a product offering that enables them to choose the method and timing habits that suit their cleansing needs. Polident 5-Minute, Polident Overnight and Dentu-Creme are all formulated specifically for different cleansing habits. Polident for Partials is specially formulated to clean both /pages/ the acrylic surface and metal clasps. The variants provide your patients with a product that will suit their needs and increase the likelihood of committing to denture hygiene, which will in-turn increase client compliance.

What is the difference between the Polident variants?

Each is specifically formulated to provide the best clean depending on the specific methods of use. Polident Overnight cleans for hours. The effervescing action is steady and the enzyme works all night long to break particles that attach to the denture. Polident 5-Minute provides the fastest clean available. The increased effervescent action and greater stain-removing abilities enable this product to clean faster than other denture cleansers. Polident for Partials is specially formulated to clean /pages/ both the acrylic surface and metal clasps.

What are the pH levels of effervescent denture cleansers?

Polident's pH level is 6.8 (Water's pH is 7). Polident is safe to use and will not cause chemical burn.

Denture Cleaners Denture FAQs Orthodontic Cleaners Aquablast Cleaners