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How to use the Hydrabrush?

How to use the Hydrabrush?

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The Bass Method: Sulcular Brushing

HydraBrush was designed to automatically execute the ADA recommended Bass Technique of toothbrushing. It is widely accepted as a very effective method for bacterial plaque removal adjacent to and directly beneath the gingival margin. This area is the most significant in the control of gingival and periodontal disease.

Purposes and Indications:

For all patients for bacterial plaque removal adjacent to and directly beneath the gingival margin.


1. Grasp Brush Handle

Direct the filaments apically (up for maxillary, down for mandibular teeth). Even though the brush placement calls for directing the filaments at a 45-degree angle, it is usually easier and safer for the patient to first place the brush parallel with the long axis of the tooth. From that position the brush can be turned slightly and brought down to the gingival margin to the 45-degree angle.

2. Angle the Filaments

Place the brush with the filament tips directed straight into the gingival sulcus. The filaments will be directed at approximately 45 degrees to the long axis of the tooth.

3. Press Lightly Without Flexing

Press lightly so the filament tips enter the gingival sulci and embrasures and cover the gingival margin. Do not bend the filaments.

4. Vibrate the Brush

Vibrate the brush back and forth with very short strokes without disengaging the tips of the filaments from the sulci. Count at least 10 vibrations.

5. Reposition the Brush

Apply the brush to the next group of two or three teeth. Take care to overlap placement.

6. Repeat Stroke

The entire stroke (Parts A through D, above) is repeated at each position around the maxillary and mandibular arches, both facially and lingually.