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Cure Bad Breath

Cure Bad Breath

Q: How do you cure Bad Breath?

As the anaerobic bacteria which cause bad breath reside within the tongue itself it is impossible to remove these bacteria completely by brushing or using a tongue scraper alone. Scraping the surface of the tongue may remove excessive VSC (a whitish film) that have surfaced to the top of of the tongue.

Although bad breath is not necessarily an oral hygiene problem, it is important to brush and floss to maintain oral health. Maintain regular professional cleanings especially if you suffer from Periodontal Disease (gum disease). Broken down diseased tissue is bacterial nutrition. It is important to know that most toothpaste contains sodium laryl sulphate which is used as a foaming agent. This is actually a detergent which dries out the mouth even more.

To effectively treat bad breath, the level of anaerobic bacteria and the amount of VSC produced needs to be reduced and or neutralized.

Q: What products reduce anaerobic bacteria and neutralize bad breath?

As ph is important, the product used needs to have a neutral or slightly basic ph. As the bacteria thrive in an anaerobic climate, the incorporation of an oxygenating complex would be advantageous.

An oxidizing agent is needed to neutralize the volatile sulphur compounds from the active sulfite to an inactive odorless, tasteless sulfate form. The active ingredient is chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide besides neutralizing vsc is also an antimicrobial agent.

Bad Breath Summary:
  • Brush and floss using a chlorine dioxide toothpaste (avoid toothpaste containing sodium laryl sulphate)
  • Use an oral mouthwash containing chlorine dioxide (gargle as well)
  • Use of a tongue scraper to remove any white coating as far back as you can.
  • Regular professional cleanings.
  • Drink lots of water!!

Products currently available which claim to neutralize vsc include Breath Remedy, BreathRx, CloSys11, Oxyfresh, Profresh and Therabreath

These products do not foam like regular toothpaste and do not contain minty flavoring agents. They are bland tasting and some may even find it unpleasant tasting, but they do appear to work. Profresh is the only product that contains the active form of chlorine dioxide. The others contain a stabilized form of chlorine dioxide which needs an acidic environment to break down to the active form. Some question their efficacy, while others indicate that Profresh is overkill. Oxyfresh is the only one that contains sodium laryl sulphate(a foaming agent-like regular toothpaste) which some say may dry out the mouth. There is inadequate research at this time to indicate any product superiority and recommends that you try the different products until you find the one that works best for you.

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