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Oral-B Rembrandt Whitening Tray Kit - Carbamide Peroxide

Oral-B Rembrandt Professional Tray Kit

The Rembrandt brand was sold and many of their products are no longer available. The original company has now launched their own new professional brand under a new label 'Sapphire'

Oral-B Rembrandt Whitening Tray Kit


Tray Kit benefits includes:

  • Flexible system, including a range of concentrations and choice of gel flavors
  • Professionally customized trays for full tooth coverage
  • Delivers progressive results over 2-3 weeks

Oral-B Rembrandt Professional Whitening Tray Kit:

  • 6 pre-filled whitening gel syringes in 22%, 28%, or 36% carbamide peroxide strength
  • Plus Premium Whitening Toothpaste with fluoride (2.6 oz.)
  • Custom tray storage case

Oral-B Rembrandt Whitening Tray Kit


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