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Remin Pro


Remin Pro

Remin Pro is the new protective dental cream from VOCO to expand the oral care offered by the dentist. It provides gentle regeneration of the tooth substance for several different indications, such as: after conservative dental treatment, professional tooth cleaning and whitening or with orthodontic treatments. Remin Pro contributes to the neutralisation of acids caused by plaque. With its hydroxyl apatite and fluoride content, it promotes natural remineralisation and thus provides fortification of the dental enamel. Remin Pro prevents hypersensitivities by placing a protective coating on the tooth substance. It noticeable smoothes the tooth surfaces with its enamel filling effect and impedes the adherence of bacterial plaque. Remin Pro is well-suited for use after professional cleaning and it provides a pleasant feeling in the mouth. This is further reinforced with three flavours: mint, melon and strawberry. Remin Pro is simple to apply and the ideal addition to oral care in the surgery and at home.

The acid production of cariogenic bacteria and acidic foods cause demineralisation and erosion of the tooth substance. If this process is not effectively stopped, the erosions can penetrate the dentine and lead to loss of tooth substance. Remin Pro combines three equally effective components for protection against demineralisation and erosion: hydroxyl apatite, fluoride and xylitol. Hydroxyl apatite, the main mineral component of natural tooth substance, fills the tiniest surface lesions in the tooth substance, so that hypersensitivities can be prevented. The tooth surfaces are simultaneously smoothed, so that harmful, bacterial plaque cannot easily settle. The fluoride, in turn, not only hardens the dental enamel, but it also ensures that the hydroxyl apatite is converted into acid-resistant and remineralising fluorapatite. The xylitol contained in Remin Pro also has cariostatic properties, since xylitol, the sugar substitute, cannot be converted from cariogenic bacteria into the harmful metabolite lactic acid. Since Remin Pro also stimulates salivation in a natural way, it helps neutralise the acidic environment in the oral cavity. Remin Pro - Recuperation for the teeth, satisfied patients.

Instructions for Use
Remin Pro is a water-based cream that contains hydroxy apatite and fluoride (1,450 ppm sodium fluoride). Remin Pro is available in the following flavours: melon, strawberry and mint. Remin Pro provides extra protection for teeth, thus helps neutralize acids from acid-forming bacteria in plaque. Furthermore, Remin Pro facilitates the neutralisation of other acids in the mouth.

  • After tooth whitening
  • After professional tooth cleaning
  • For the prevention and control of hypersensitivities
  • During orthodontic treatment

Net Wt: 40 grams



  1. Apply contents of a SingleDose blister of Remin Pro to the teeth with a finger or suitable instrument (toothbrush or swab) and distribute.
  2. The patient should distribute the remaining Remin Pro in his or her mouth with the tongue. Remin Pro and the saliva should remain in the mouth for as long as possible (minimum of 3 minutes) for an optimal result.
  3. The patient should spit out the remaining amount. Rinsing should be avoided if possible. The patient should wait at least 30 minutes after the treatment before eating or drinking. Also for use at home after oral hygiene.

Store Remin Pro in a cool, dry area protected from direct sunlight (4°C - 23°C). Do not use the material after the expiry date.



  1. Remin Pro contains parabene, fluoride and hydroxy apatite (calcium and phosphate). Do not use in cases of known allergies to any of the ingredients.
  2. The application of Remin Pro is not recommended for patients under 6 years or for home use on children under 12 years.
  3. In case of contact with the eyes, immediately flush thoroughly with plenty of water and seek medical attention.
  4. Immediately discontinue treatment and seek medical attention if symptoms of angio-oedema occur that can be attributed to the ingredients of Remin Pro.

Type: Toothpaste

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