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Rota-Dent Electric Toothbrush Brush Heads - Classic



THESE BRUSH HEADS FIT THE ROTA-DENT CLASSIC MODEL ONLY. The Rota-dent Plus and Contour models will not work with this brush head

Only the Rota-Dent® toothbrush has patented microfilament brush tips designed to reach underneath the gum line and in-between the teeth. Clinically proven to reduce harmful bacteria (dental plaque and gingivitis) beyond the brush tip in Periodontal Pockets...where it counts!

Rotadent Replacement Brush Heads

Rota-Dent® features:

  • Proven to Save Teeth
  • 90,000 Filament Sweeps per Second
  • Superior to Leading Powered & Sonic Brushes
  • Clinically Proven as Effective as Brushing & Flossing
  • Patented Micro Access Technology
  • Trust Rota-dent! Yeah!

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