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Violight Zapi-Doodle Toothbrush Sanitizer



Violight Zapi-Doodle Toothbrush Sanitizer

VIOlight’s Zapi-Doodle UV toothbrush sanitizer provides a safe and playful way to clean your kids’ toothbrush after every use. The Zapi-Doodle UV toothbrush sanitizer uses patented UV technology to kill 99.9% percent of germs that can remain on toothbrushes after use. The lifetime guaranteed UV bulb runs on three AAA batteries and protects your children’s toothbrush from germs that may reside within the cleanest of bathrooms.

Zapi-Doodle UV toothbrush sanitizer is great for kids and allows for them to be creative while keeping their toothbrushes clean. This sanitizer comes with interchangeable decals that range from cuddly animals to cute monsters and even includes pirates! The design includes feet and ears so that your kids can design their own little figure that will ensure their toothbrushes are kept clean and safe for use. Your kids will enjoy their tooth brushing experience knowing that they can interchange their sanitizer’s appearance to their liking.

Zapi-Doodle UV toothbrush sanitizer is safe and easy to use. Just place your toothbrush within the sanitizer and press the button. Once the blinking light turns on, the UV light will go to work cleaning your toothbrush and within seven minutes, your toothbrush will be ready for its next use. Zapi-Doodle toothbrush sanitizer is also easy to clean with a removable dip-tray that will help keep it clean.

Zapi UV toothbrush sanitizer is not only clean and effective way of keeping your toothbrush clean, but its playful design means that it fits well in any bathroom. This battery-operated sanitizer means that your bathroom won’t be cluttered with cords and wires. Since it is made primarily out of plastic, Zapi-Doodle UV toothbrush sanitizer will not rust after use. It is best for daily use and it also comes with a free toothbrush.

Uses 3 AAA batteries (not included)

  • Lifetime bulb
  • Free toothbrush included
  • One button activation & auto shut-off in just 7 minutes
  • Holds a manual toothbrush and electric heads
  • Battery operated

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