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TheraSol Oral Irrigator Solution



TheraSol Oral Irrigator Solution

TheraSol is a 2nd generation, low alcohol, professional strength, irrigation agent. TheraSol does not stain the teeth or increase calculus formation and it has a great taste. It’s also highly substantive, maintaining its presence in vitro for up to 6 hours.

TheraSol was originally designed as a professional strength, highly substantive, bactericidal irrigant and mouthwash. Despite its strong antimicrobial properties, TheraSol is extremely mild with none of the harsh, burning sensations associated with some brands of commercial mouthwashes. It also tastes great and leaves the mouth feeling sparkling clean and refreshed. While originally intended for in-office use, the almost total lack of side effects has made TheraSol extremely popular with dentists and dental hygienists for use in daily home-care programs as well.

Ingredients: Water, SD Alcohol 38B 6.4%, Glycerine 6%,Ethoxylated Tertiary Amine 0.4%, Capryl/Capramidopropyl Betaine 0.1%, Saccharin, FDC Blue No. 1, Natural Flavors (Peppermint, Spearmint & Menthol)

How Dispensed TheraSol is available either ready-to-use or, for even greater savings, as a concentrate that is diluted with distilled water before use.

TheraSol Concentrate saves both money and storage room. Each bottle of highly concentrated TheraSol is equal to 5 bottles of ready-to-use. Concentrate is diluted with either deionized or distilled water before use to avoid the free ions in water that can reduce the substantivity of TheraSol. Used daily with a toothbrush, one 16 oz. bottle of TheraSol Concentrate usually lasts about 3 months.

Recommended Home Usage: General Usage TheraSol can be used just like a toothpaste by brushing it onto the tongue, teeth and gums with a toothbrush. It can also be used as a mouthwash gargle.

Shallow Pockets(4mm) Apply TheraSol with a toothbrush, Proxibrush, etc. by dipping the brush into the TheraSol or by taking a small sip and then brushing. It can also be applied with an electric toothbrush like the Sonicare. We recommend using a sulcular toothbrushing technique like the modified Bass technique to brush TheraSol along the gumline.

Deep Pockets(>4mm) Because of the limited reach of toothbrushes and floss, we recommend irrigating deep pockets with a subgingival irrigator like the Via-Jet or Pocket Care equipped with a cannula-style tip. If your patient has a Via-jet powered irrigator, be sure they have either a Cannula Adaptor attachment. OraTec also offers the Pocket Care, a hand-held deep pocket irrigator.

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