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Sheer White Whitening Films



Sheer White Whitening Films

Sheer whitening films  are more retentive than the traditional Crest whitestrips. It also contains carbamide peroxide which is less irritating/less sensitive than the crest whitestrip supreme which contains hydrogen peroxide. This is an alternative option to those who complain about the strip slipping off the lower teeth or for those who suffer from tooth sensitivity. We recommend this for younger adults since they are more prone to whitening sensitivity.

Contains 5 Applications

Sheer White! – Professional Whitening, Easily Applied!

Sheer White! Films are the most significant advancement in teeth whitening in nearly a decade! Fast and effective whitening that everyone will love. Carbamide peroxide gel that remains active for as long as 6 hours for longer wear and faster whitening. Thin, moldable films completely contour to teeth and arch, tightly adapting to each user’s anatomy. So comfortable to wear for an hour or even overnight. Finally, a whitening gel that stays where it belongs, against the tooth surface. Sheer White! A whitening system that delivers dentist office professional whitening results in the comfort of your home. Easier. Faster. Better.

Sheer White! fits tight, won’t move; you can speak clearly with no gooey gel. No more bulky whitening trays that pinch the gums or are uncomfortable to wear and prevent effective speech. No old style strips that slide around on the teeth. No gel running down the throat. And Sheer White! Films become virtually invisible. Sheer White! Whitening Films come in a convenient 10 strip kit featuring 5 applications. When you try Sheer White! you will immediately feel the difference. Give yourself at least an hour of wear time so you can feel how comfortable they are, how naturally you can speak while wearing them and how they eliminate excess gel from dispersing in your mouth and throat.

Sheer White! features 20% Carbamide Peroxide gel – the standard in whitening material. The film seals tightly to teeth and gums to keep the gel pressed against the teeth. Wear for an hour or overnight; the longer wear time means faster whitening. Whitening results are similar to that with whitening trays – except NO trays are required. The more whitening you need the more wear time is recommended. You will prefer Sheer White! over trays and strips. Because Sheer White! fits so tight, but so comfortably, you can speak normally with no lisping or drooling. Tasted good too! You can even have a drink while wearing Sheer White!

Sheer White! Key Features:

  • Thin, tight fitting films - for unmatched comfort.
  • Long-lived 20% strength Carbamide Peroxide – outstanding whitening results.
  • Increased convenience for more satisfying results.
  • No bulky trays to make, no additional costs.
  • Priced just right.
Factor Sheer White! Tres White Whitestrips Syringe/Whitening Gels
Active ingredient Carbamide Peroxide Carbamide Peroxide Hydrogen Peroxide Carbamide Peroxide
Concentration 20% 10-20% 7.5-10% 10-38%
Requires tray/molds No No No Yes
Seals Gel to Teeth Yes No No Yes
Easy use Yes Yes Yes No


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