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Scott All-Sports Performance Mouthguard

Scott All-Sports


Why Should You Purchase The Scott All-Sports Mouthguard?

Recognized as the best boil and bite mouthguard by dentists in the United States, the Scott All-Sports Performance Mouthguard is extremely chew-and-tear resistant. A large anterior airway allows for enhanced breathing. The thickened area in the rear acts as a shock absorber when the athlete receives a blow to the head and neck, decreasing shock sent through the temporomandibular joint. When the athlete receives a major blow, the posterior section collapses, absorbing the shock, along with closing down so that the lower anterior teeth are protected also.

Collegiate and professional teams have found our mouthguard to be both easy-to-fit and timesaving. The boil and bite technique saves money previously spent in custom making mouthpieces.

The Scott All-Sports Performance Mouthguard comes in three sizes

  • Youth / Small - elementary and junior high ages, petite adults
  • Adult / Medium - junior high, high school ages, and most adults
The Scott All-Sports Performance Mouthguard comes in these colors:
  • Clear
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
Fitting Instructions:
  1. Bring pan of water to a full boil. Remove pan from heat. Have a bowl of chilled water nearby. Place mouthguard in boiling water for approximately 28 seconds.
  2. Remove mouthguard from boiling water and dip into chilled water for 3 seconds. Quickly place mouthguard in mouth. Make sure teeth are in the teeth channel. Work extremely fast!
  3. Close down and mold mouthpiece around the teeth with your fingers. Hold strap against your forehead with your other hand. Use tongue pressure to push mouthpiece against the backside of the teeth.
  4. Insert the mouthpiece back into hot water for 8 seconds. Shake off the water and carefully reinsert mouthguard back onto the teeth where indentations have been made.
  5. Close teeth together again and remold under the cheek and roof of mouth areas.
  6. Place the mouthpiece into chilled water for 2 minutes to set the Performance Mouthguard.
  7. Trim excessive material with sharp scissors. Avoid over trimming. For sports where a strap is not desired, cut off the strap at the point of attachment to the mouthguard

Mouthguard Care:

  • Do wear mouthguard whenever participating in contact sports.
  • Do clean mouthguard after wearing by washing with soap and cool water (avoid hot water).
  • Do keep mouthguard in plastic storage box when not in use. (Storage box should have several holes so mouthguard will air out).
  • Don't leave mouthguard in direct sunlight.
  • Don't leave mouthguard in closed automobile.
  • Don't wash mouthguard in hot water.
  • Don't store mouthguard in an airtight container.
  • Don't bend mouthguard when storing.

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