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Preserve Toothbrush Jr



Preserve Toothbrush Jr

The Preserve Toothbrush Jr is a great way to get your kids to brush while educating them about the environment! Our Preserve Jr Toothbrush is made from recycled # 5 plastic, and is completely recyclable after use. In fact, our toothbrushes come in our great Mail-Back Pack, where the packaging is also a return envelope, so when you replace your toothbrush, you can mail your old one back at no charge for us to recycle! Another easy option to recycle them is by placing them in Gimme5 Bins found at Whole Foods markets! Also, portions from each purchase goes to the National Wildlife Foundation, so you and your child will always be able to do your part.

As far as being a toothbrush is concerned, our Preserve Jr Toothbrush has multiple pea shapes on the handle for easy grip for hands of all sizes. And the soft nylon bristles make brushes comfortable and effective. And best of all, the Preserve Toothbrush Jr comes in 3 different colors as well as interesting facts about some endangered animals on it, so kids can learn more about the environment while they brush.

-Powered by yogurt cups™
-Handle 100% recycled #5 plastic; bristles new nylon
-Created for children ages 2 to 8
-Handle shape specially designed for little hands
-Soft bristles for gentle cleaning
-Completely recyclable after use
-Toothbrush replacement subscription service available
-BPA free
-Made in the USA

Type: Toothbrush

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