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Brush Buddies Justin Bieber Flossers

Ashtel Dental


Brush Buddies Justin Bieber Flossers

Brush Buddies has the oral care solution for everyone, and now they’ve made it even better with Justin Bieber! Brush Buddies Justin Bieber Flossers make flossing easier then ever, as well as portable! Some people don’t like flossing, but the Justin Bieber Flossers are handheld plastic sticks with floss in-between, so you can hold it in one hand, giving you more control and comfort then ever! And you can take them with you more conveniently then regular floss, so when you’ve got that annoying piece of food stuck between your teeth, you’re covered!


  • Hold flosser firmly with thumb and index finger
  • Slide gently between teeth using back-and forth motion
  • Move up and down along sides of teeth to remove plaque and food particles
  • repeat steps 1-3 for each tooth
  • discard after use

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