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Ashtel Dental Denture Bath

Ashtel Dental


The Ashtel Denture Bath is vital to the maintenance of dentures and orthodontic retainers. Dentures can be slippery when you are brushing them. They can even break if drop them. Cleaning dentures in a denture bath is simple. Just soak them in your favorite denture-cleanser, and rinse off with warm water. What’s neat about the Ashtel Denture Bath is the rinse basket for secure handling. For a more complete clean, brush your dentures with the Ashtel Denture Brush.

  • For Dentures and Removable Braces
  • Includes Bonus Rinse Basket


  • Fill Denture Bath with a mixture of denture cleaner and warm water
  • Places dentures in basket and lower into cleansing bath
  • Use rinse basket to lift dentures out of bath and rinse with warm water

Type: Denture

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