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Rota-Dent PLUS Professional Rotary Electric Toothbrush


The Rota-Dent PLUS toothbrush has been discontinued. The below is for informational purposes only. Replacement brush heads are available for sale - two brush head per pack

The dental professional’s choice for advanced cleaning is the Rota-dent PLUS professional rotary toothbrush! The Rotadent PLUS features a unique brush head design providing a full 360 degree sweeping action that removes plaque. MicroAcces filaments reach between teeth and below the gum line where periodontal disease starts. Featuring three brush head options to personalize your brushing technique! The hollow tip brush head for normal brushing and oral care. The short and long tips for more specialized care on braces, implants and bridges. Rotadent Plus is Clinically Proven! It removes 92% if plaque from the tooth surface and gum line in the first minute of brushing. So brushing for the dentist recommended two minutes gets your teeth mega-clean! Rotadent Plus is also clinically proven to reduce tooth loss more effectively than manual brushing and flossing. The Rotadent Plus also has some updated features over its predecessor. The new two minute timer with 30-second quad interval indicator lets you know exactly how long to brush and it what location. Three brushing modes allow an even more specialized brushing experience. Normal brushing mode for regular brushing, sensitive brushing mode for those touchy areas and the orthodontic mode for people with braces and dental work. Rotadent Plus is easy to charge and has a long-life battery. The charge is connected to a convenient brush head holder for a sleek compact unit.

Rotadent PLUS is ideal for orthodontic patients! It helps to minimize the staining and decalcification many people experience. Rotadent PLUS controls gingivitis and plaque around braces with the unique microaccess brush head filaments. The filaments also reach around braces where periodontal disease starts. Rotadent PLUS is also safe for use with restorative devices. It’s safe for all implant surfaces and sweeps away plaque from hard to reach dental surfaces. FEEL the advantage of the PLUS today!

  • Rota-dent PLUS toothbrush freatures:
  • 90,000 Filament Sweeps per Second
  • Superior to Leading Powered & Sonic Brushes
  • Patented MicroAccess Technology
  • Reduces plaque by 92% in just one minute - twice as fast as a manual brush
  • 3 Brush Modes
  • Clinically Proven as Effective as Brushing & Flossing
  • Clinically proven to reduce gingivitis and decalcification during orthodontic treatment
  • Made in the USA


  • 1 Rota-dent easy-grip power brush handle
  • 3 Disposable Rota-dent brush heads
  • 1 Brush head holder
  • 1 Charger base with cord
  • 1 Soft travel bag
  • 1 Box of interdental cleaners
  • 3 Color rings
  • 1 Tongue cleaner

Replacement brush heads sold separately - two brush head per pack