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Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator

Hydro Floss


Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator - USA Model

  • Technologically Proven Magnetic Advantages
  • Graduated Reservoir conveniently show’s Ounces and Milliliters
  • Includes 4 Color-Coded Jet Tips
  • 9 Water-Pressure Settings
  • Clinically Proven to be Effective
  • 1 year limited manufacturer warranty

USA Model - 120 volt

How does the Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator work? ......... By technologically advanced Hydromagnetic Oral Irrigation!

Using it’s highly innovative unique magnetic technology the Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator is protected by two patents in the United States. Each oral irrigator unit comes with a large metered graduated reservoir providing 825 milliliters of liquid volume. A reservoir lid for easy filling and cleaning, 4 color-coded jet tips so multiple people can sanitarily use the irrigator, and a wall-mounting jet tip holder for clean convenient storage.

Using a HydroFloss oral irrigator is proven to reduce Tarter and Bacterial buildup 64% more effectively than other Waterpik oral irrigators!

HydroFloss Oral Irrigators combine Magnetohydrodynamics and Oral irrigation technologies. Treating water with magnetic technology affects the ionization process. By reversing the Polarity of the ions at the molecular level, it reduces surface tension and inhibits the ability of the bacteria to attach to the tooth surface thereby preventing the formation of calculus tartar.

What is the difference and how does the HydroFloss oral irrigator set itself apart from other water irrigation or water jet devices?... HydroFloss oral irrigators provide a 64% greater reduction in tartar (calculus) and bacterial debris according to the Journal of Clinical Periodontology. HydroFloss oral irrigators utilize more than just water pressure like other oral irrigators or water jets. Using magnetic technology the HydroFloss oral irrigator removes plaque, tartar and debris causing bacteria from tooth enamel as well as below the gum line. No other Waterjet can do this! Not to mention the benefits of using this item to clean the hard to reach interdental areas and the tough areas that wearing braces creates.

Get directly to the source of gingivitis, unhealthy gums and bad breath (halitosis) by using the HydroFloss with products specifically designed for Periodontal problems (PerioTherapy)!

You can use your favorite bad breath or Anticavity mouthwash in the HydroFloss oral irrigator! Just be sure to thoroughly clean and flush out the unit with the reservoir full of warm water.

Can the Hydro floss oral irrigator be used with tap water (containing minerals and fluoride) or does it require distilled water?

It is better to use tap water with the minerals. The clinical studies that were done on the Hydrofloss were done with tap water. The reason for this, is the hydromagnetic technology. The Hydrofloss places an electrical charge on the minerals and reverses their polarity as well as reversing the polarity of the bacteria in the mouth. Teeth have a positive charge on the surface, while bacteria and minerals are negatively charges, so they are attracted to one another. When using the Hydrofloss the polarity is reversed inhibiting the bacteria's ability to to adhere to the teeth.

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