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TotalGard Athletic Mouth Guard


TotalGard Athletic Mouth Guard

Sizing Chart
Small - Ages 7-9
Medium - Ages 10-12
Large - Ages 13+

The standard boil-n-bite or custom made mouth guards have always been difficult for children in braces to wear. These mouth guards do not fit comfortably over the braces and as teeth move due to orthodontic treatment, the mouth guards do not fit at all. The TotalGard Athletic Mouthguard was designed by an orthodontist to fit over all braces and orthodontic appliances (i.e. palatal expanders/retainers). It was designed to fit comfortably and not interfere with orthodontic treatment. It helps protect both upper and lower teeth. TotalGard is available in 3 sizes to fit all athletes.

TotalGard Advantages:
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Requires no boiling or molding
  • Fits over all braces and appliances (ie: Expanders etc.)
  • Protects both upper and lower teeth
  • Meets all major youth, scholastic and Canadian OMHA standards
  • 3 sizes to fit all ages
  • Latex Free

There are over 500,000 dento-facial and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) injuries per year to athletes. This number is increasing due to the increasing number of young individuals participating in sports year round. Lip lacerations, fractured teeth, loose teeth and TMJ trauma are injuries that can be reduced with the use of mouth guards. Many of these young athletes, ages 7-18, are also undergoing some form of orthodontic treatment. Their lips are even more prone to lacerations from impact trauma against the braces. Mouth guards for these athletes are necessary for all sports - Even for the so called non contact sports, such as, soccer, basketball, and baseball.

Type: Mouthguard

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