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Brush Buddies The Smurfs Poppin' Kid's Toothbrush - Papa Smurf

Ashtel Dental


Brushbuddies presents the new Poppin’ Toothbrush with the characters from the movie ‘The Smurfs 2’. Brushbuddies Poppin’ Toothbrush creates a fun, safe tooth brushing experience for ages 2-11. The Smurf heads act as a sanitary cover for the toothbrush and will pop off when ejected by a button on the belly. Press the belly of each character and the head of the toothbrush excitingly pops up from the body. The toothbrush, revealed underneath, has soft brush bristles that are comfortable for all types of teeth and gums. The tooth brush can be tucked away after each use and replaced with The Smurf’s head for sanitary coverage.

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