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Waterpik Complete Care-900



Waterpik Water Flosser + Sonic Toothbrush

Tired of the old brushing and flossing routine? Ready to try something new and a little more exciting? Well toss out that old manual toothbrush and that wax-covered floss, cause Waterpik now has everything you need in one easy package! The Waterpik Complete Care is both a water flosser and a sonic toothbrush in one, meaning you get more effective brushing AND flossing in just one device!

The Waterpik Water Flosser is clinically proven to be 50% more effective at improving gum health and lessening gingivitis then regular floss! That’s because the water flosser can clean deep between teeth and below the gumline, removing 99.9% of plaque from treated areas in only 3 seconds! And its great for people with braces or other dental work as well. The water flosser can get in between and around to effectively clean the spots that brushing and flossing just can’t!

The Waterpik Sensonic Toothbrush is the ultimate in sonic toothbrush technology. This brush can move its bristles 25% faster than any other sonic toothbrush on the market! That means the vibrations can loosen more plaque, and the bristles can remove bacteria and gunk from even the hardest to reach places! Best of all, the charger is built in to the waterflosser, so you only need 1 outlet for the entire device!

Together, the Waterpink Complete Care offers the ultimate in oral care technology, efficiency, and convenience!

Includes 5 Water Flosser tips:
  • 2 Classic Jet Tips
  • Plaque Seeker® Tip
  • Orthodontic Tip
  • Pik Pocket™ Tip
Toothbrush includes 2 brush heads:
  • Sensonic Standard Brush Head
  • Sensonic Compact Brush Head

USA Model - 120V

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