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ViaJet Pro Oral Irrigator



ViaJet Pro Oral Irrigator - USA Model (120 volts)

The Viajet Pro is our new version of the old Viajet 7500 irrigator. The Viajet is specifically designed for both supragingival and subgingival irrigation. Dentists and hygienists have recommended the Viajet for over 15 years now. They loved the convenience and rugged reliability of it's construction and use of the same water pump found in our professional models. With its sleek new styling, the Via-jet PRO is designed for use with almost any irrigating solution with the exception of those containing plastic-corrosive solutions (typically solutions that come bottled in glass instead of plastic).

Product Features:

  • Adjustable High/Low Water Pressure (upto 1,200 pulses/min)
  • Fingertip Handle Pressure Control Bar
  • Redesigned Reservoir (no tip over like old style)
  • Reservoir hold 500 ml solution with lines for measuring
  • Reservoir has blue tint to hide chemical stains but still allows you to see how much solution remains
  • Size of Unit - Length: 7"; Width: 4 1/2"; Height 7"
  • Tips: Viajets come with 4 tips; 2 standard tips & 2 SulcaSoft tips. Viajet tips are also softer and more flexible than Water Piks.
  • Reservoir: Ours is nearly unbreakable. It also has a flat bottom so it doesn’t roll like a toy top when placed on a counter top. The reservoir also has a dual design lid. A hinged flap can be flipped up for filling or the entire lid can completely removed for cleaning
  • Thumb control: In addition to the traditional power dial, Viajets also have a sliding thumb pad that controls the flow, from a full stream to a drip or anywhere in between.
  • Tip Storage: The Viajet has a clear, hinged lid that covers the tips not in use.
  • Cord Storage: Any excess length of electrical cord can be stowed in the rear hatch.

USA Model - 120 volts


The Viajet Pro comes with everything you need to start irrigation.

  • 2 Standard Fine Spray Tips
  • 2 Rubber Point Fine Spary Tips
  • Reservoir & Lid
  • Handle

The only additional attachment is the Cannulae Adapter Kit (1 adapter, 2 cannulae) which is used for individuals who need to irrigate pockets greater than 4mm.

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