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Glide Pro-Health Original Floss


Glide Original Floss

The #1 recommended brand of dental floss by U.S. dental professionals, Glide® Floss is designed to resist shredding. It removes plaque and helps prevent gingivitis for healthy teeth and gums. With Glide® Floss, you'll be able to easily slide floss between teeth due to the light coating of natural wax. Plus Glide is designed for less gum irritation.

  • NO shredding between teeth
  • Designed to easily slide between teeth and dental work
  • Lightly coated with natural wax for improved grip.

How To Floss:
  1. Wrap 18" to 24" section around middle fingers and draw tight.
  2. Curve floss around tooth as you gently scrape between each tooth and gum.

Type: Floss

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