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Dr.Collins Interdental Cleaners



Dr.Collins Interdental Cleaners

Dr.Collins Interdental Cleaners are the perfect accessories for those with dental appliances or spaces between their teeth. Unlike most interdental cleaners, Dr.Collins Interdental Cleaners feature a plastic coated wire that prevents damage to your enamel and dental work. The soft bristles allow for more pick up of food particles and debris in areas difficult to reach with floss or manual brushing.

Each of the 10 interdental cleaners in the pack include its own ventilated cap, making Dr.Collins Interdentals reusable! Simply rinse the cleaners after use, put the cap on, and it will air dry. Dr.Collins recommends replacing each interdental cleaner after a week's use, so you get a 10 week supply per pack!

The Dr.Collins Interdental Cleaners packaging also doubles as a convenient storage case, make these great on-the-go.

Available in 4 color-coded sizes and a Variety Pack



  • Remove cap from interdental cleaner
  • Direct bristle end toward interdental area and gently slide bristles in and out of spaces
  • The wire neck of the interdental cleaners can be bent to better access hard to reach areas such as the back teeth
  • After use, rinse interdental cleaner with hot water, replace cap, and store
  • Dr.Collins recommends discarding the interdental cleaners after a week's use


  • Do not force interdental cleaner into small spaces
  • Adult supervision required for children under 10 years of age

Type: Accessories

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