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Dr.Collins Tongue Squigi



Studies show that 50% of adult men, 35% of adult women, and 5% of children suffer from halitosis. Fear no more! The Dr.Collins Tongue Squigi is your ultimate weapon in the fight against bad breath! Dentist developed, this unique tongue cleaner features a flexible rubber tip that gently accommodates the anatomy of your tongue. This delivers thorough removal of bacteria and food particles from your tongue with minimal gagging. Dr.Collins Tongue Squigi is the only tongue cleaner with a rubber tip AND the tip is replaceable - saving you money!

Simply use the Tongue Squigi as part your daily oral care regime to reduce and prevent halitosis.


  1. Wet Tongue Squigi and open mouth to extend tongue
  2. Place Tongue Squigi at back of tongue
  3. Drag Tongue Squigi against the tongue pulling in a forward motion 8-10 times or until the full surface of your tongue has been cleaned
  4. Rinse Tongue Squigi after use and store next to your toothbrush
  5. Use as directed every time after brushing
  6. Replace Tongue Squigi - Tongue Squigi Tip every three months


Keep Out of Reach of Children

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