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Dr. Collins Perio Ultra Toothbrush

Dr. Collins has advanced the Perio Toothbrush into a more luxurious brushing experience. We’ve taken our signature Polyester bristle, which is less porous and more resistant to moisture, and created a Micro-fine Polyester bristle with a gentle-rounded end.

Most toothbrushes have approximately 500-600 nylon bristles. The Dr. Collins Ultra Toothbrush has created a brush head with 16 dense tufts, each with 500+ micro-fine, ultra-soft bristles. Ordinary Nylon bristles cannot be micro-sized due to lack of firmness and therefore wouldn’t maintain its shape.

Being less porous than Nylon bristles, there is less bacterial build-up.

The bristles are highly water resistant, which allows it to remain soft out of water, retaining a plush feel.

The Dr. Collins Perio Ultra Toothbrush effectively removes plaque with thousands of micro-fine bristles by hugging the tooth while penetrating between teeth to gently massage the gum tissue.

The Perio Ultra’s ergonomic thumb-grip is as gentle on the hands as its bristles are for the gums.

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