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Sheer White! Take-Home Whitening

Sheer White!


Sheer White! Take-Home Professional Teeth Whitening System

An advanced teeth whitening formula for dental professionals, Sheer White! Take-Home completes the second phase of CAO’s Sheer White! Complete Whitening System. 

Sheer White! 20% Carbamide Peroxide Whitening Film teeth whitening films: goes on easy; stays where you put it; whiten fast. Sheer White! is the most significant advance in teeth whitening in nearly a decade. The thin flexible moldable material closely adapts to every surface holding the whitening gel where it belongs – against the tooth surface. No leaking or wash out of gel. No slipping or sliding of the film. Comfortable, long–lasting wear. Even, effective whitening. Easier. Faster. Better.

Better Retention, Better Revenue, Better Whitening!


  • SheerFilm® Advanced technology
  • 20% carbamide peroxide
  • Non-slip patented formula
  • Reduced sensitivity
  • Can be worn while drinking beverages
  • Whitens up to 5 shades

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