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Opalescence Opalpix Toothpicks - 32 Count



Opalescence Opalpix Toothpicks

Opalpix are increasing in popularity as a tool for cleaning interproximally. Opalpix are now available in an easy-to-dispense, flip-top package with thirty two picks in every kit. The convenient packaging fits into a pocket or purse, making it easy to take Opalpix anywhere.

Opalpix feature an optimal combination of flexibility and rigidity to move through interproximal spaces without splintering, breaking or gouging the gums. The individual pieces of flexible, high-quality plastic are designed to fit in areas which are difficult to floss. The flattened and tapered shape of the Opalpix allows them to gently move in and out of interdental spaces to loosen debris or plaque where normal brushing is difficult. Opalpix can also be used for fixed orthodontic appliances, bridgework or other areas where flossing is difficult.

Type: Accessories

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