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Dr.Collins Cleanpics



Dr. Collins Cleanpics

Dr.Collins Cleanpics aren’t just your ordinary toothpick, they are so much more! When you think of toothpicks, you picture small round wooden sticks that break easily and can hurt gums. Dr.Collins Cleanpics are in function the complete opposite. Cleanpics look like little swords, small, thin, and flat with a curved edge. This makes it a breeze to slide in between teeth, even through tight spaces. Each cleanpic is made to be fully flexible, making it incredibly easy to reach those hard to reach places. Cleanpics are also textured on each side to grab and pick up debris with no trouble. Each box is a portable carrying case that fits 32 cleanpics, so you can always have one ready to use. Keep them in your pocket, purse, car, anywhere!

Made in the U.S.A.

Type: Accessories

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