Pre-Bleaching Instructions



  1. Two weeks before bleaching brush teeth normally with a desensitizing toothpaste like Sensodyne, Crest Sensitivity, Bulter sensitivity or any toothpaste containing fluoride and 5% potassium nitrate. The new generation of remineralizing toothpastes such as Dr. Collins Restore Toothpaste also addresses sensitivity and is highly recommended for both before and after bleaching.
    • We highly recommend you just bleach the top teeth first i.e. one tray at a time only and also use a low strength percentage of bleaching gel. Use 10% carbamide peroxide (CP) to start.
  2. After brushing for a few days, wear your EMPTY bleaching trays alone for a few hours or even over night.
  3. After wearing the empty trays place Dr. Collins Desensitizing gel in the tray for 1 hour before bleaching. Alternatively some dentists recommend placing SLS-free (foam free) desensitizing toothpaste (original Sensodyne) in the tray and wear at night or during the day a few times..
  4. After comfortable with trays alone or with toothpaste, place the bleaching material in the tray instead of the toothpaste. Please refer to the bleaching instructions:

  1. Continue brushing teeth normally with Dr. Collins Restore Toothpaste or any desensitizing toothpaste containing fluoride and potassium nitrate 5% (Sensodyne, Crest) while bleaching.

  2. Repeat the cycle daily. If no problem with sensitivity, you may replace 10% CP with a higher concentration to possibly shorten the bleaching time.
  3. If you have sensitivity after bleaching begins, do some of the following:
  • Skip a night/day or two of bleaching, and start again.
  • Change from night wear (using 10% CP to day wear if not already doing so, i.e. bleach for less time. Start with 30 minutes and increase the wearing time if you experience no sensitivity.
  • Most effective is to place Dr. Collins Desensitizing Gel inside the tray after bleaching. Do NOT mix with bleaching gel.
  • Alternate wear times of tray, with desensitizing material in one time period, and bleaching material the next.

What you need to know about tooth bleaching.

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Dr. Collins Desensitizing Gel

Dr. Collins Desensitizing Gel
1 x 5ml pre-filled syringe.

Recommended for use with all types of tooth bleaching.