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Xlear Sinus Care Spray with Xylitol

Type: Drugstore
Vendor: Xlear


Xlear (pronounced 'clear') is a patented, non-addictive nasal wash designed to aid in the relief of irritation caused by pollutants, allergens and infections of the nasal passages.

It is the ONLY nasal wash that has combined the unique properties of the natural substance, XYLITOL, and the health-promoting practice of a saline nasal spray to help wash, hydrate moisturize the nasal passages.

All Xlear and Spry products contain Xylitol - a natural sweetener.

For decades it has been known that regular rinsing of the nasal passage with a mild saline solution is beneficial to one’s upper respiratory health. Yet this treatment does little more than relive sinus dryness and mild irritations.

Today there is Xlear with xylitol. When used in daily hygiene, this saline nasal solution not only hydrates the sinuses, but actually helps your body rinse away infection-causing bacteria as well. And, unlike prescription remedies, this daily use will never damage tissues, nor result in antibiotic resistance.

Xylitol is a natural sugar derived from common vegetables and hardwood trees. It differs from common sugar in that it only contains 5 carbon atoms per molecule rather than 6 found in other sugars. Those molecular difference provides xylitol’s remarkable antibacterial properties. When exposed to xylitol, bacteria lose their ability to adhere to sinus tissues, allowing your body to more easily clear them away.

Thousands of Americans use Xlear daily and the results are astounding. Many have written to declare how Xlear has reduced their allergy symptoms, cleared away their sinus irritations and even diminished their children’s chronic ear infections. This is why pediatricians and ENT physicians across the U.S. are now recommending Xlear with xylitol to their patients who suffer with persistent sinusitis or other ear, nose and throat maladies.

Just two daily applications and you can also be breathing easier, smelling more clearly, and enjoying better upper respiratory health. Xlear is non-prescription and all natural. And unlike common over-the-counter nasal sprays, Xlear is non-irritating and is not habit forming.


The metered nasal pump sprayer provides a precise amount of soothing spray in a fine mist. Clear the nasal passageway by gently blowing your nose before using Xlear. Prior to intial use, remove clear cap, prime the pump by holding it upright and pumping one or more times until the solution is dispensed. Insert nozzle into nostril and depress pump completely while breathing in through your nose. Clean nozzle after use and replace safety cap. Spray 204 times in each nostril. Use at least twice daily - morning and night. Xlear is safe to use as often as needed for optimal health to cleanse sinuses and nasal passages.


Purified water, xylitol, saline, grapefruit seed extract (as a preservative).

Uses: Gently cleans sinus and nasal passages. Washes away pollutants, irritants and other airborne contaminants. Helps soothe and moisturize nasal passages due to low humiditity, pollutants, overuse of nasal decongestants and other nasal irritants. Thins and loosens mucous secretions.


The use of this container by more than one person may spread infection. Keep out of reach of children. Clean nozzle after each use and replace the cap.

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