Snoreclipse Snoring Solution
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Snoreclipse Snoring Solution

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Snoring is a common problem that affects a good portion of the population. Snoring is the vibration of respiratory structures due to obstructed air flow during breathing while asleep. Besides bothering those who can hear the sound, snoring does have potential health issues. It can cause sleep deprivation, irritability, and lack of focus. Over prolonged periods of time, snoring also contributes to diabetes, high blood pressure and heart failure.

Get a better night’s rest with Snoreclipse. It contains rare earth magnets designed to apply a constant, gentle pressure on the nasal septum. This pressure increases circulation in the nasal area. The opening of the nasal passages promotes relaxed breathing through the nose.

Snoreclipse is made from an FDA approved biocompatible medical grade material that is very soft and comfortable to wear. Unlike disposable adhesive strips, Snoreclipse works with the body to help establish a relaxed breathing pattern.

Make Snoreclipse the snoring solution for you or your loved ones and get better quality sleep tonight.

  • Breathing correctly relaxes and reduces tension
  • No drugs, sprays, or adhesive strips necessary
  • Made in USA

*Replace every 90 days for maximum efficiency.


Before going to bed, place Snoreclipse over the nasal septum. It can be helpful to wear it for a short while before going to bed to allow the body to respond to the stimulus. Snoreclipse is very discreet, and can also be used while walking or doing mild exercise for enhanced breathing.