Save-A-Tooth Tooth Preserving System
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Save-A-Tooth Tooth Preserving System

Type: First Aid
Vendor: Save-A-Tooth


The Save-A-Tooth Emergency Tooth Preserving System is a patented device that protects a knocked out tooth from the two primary causes of replanted tooth loss: tooth cell crushing and tooth cell dehydration. The System uses a scientifically engineered removable basket to hold the tooth, and a special pH balanced preserving fluid that preserves and reconstitutes tooth cells.

A knocked out tooth begins to die after 15 minutes and after two hours the probability of saving the tooth is very low.  The Save-A-Tooth system protects, nourishes and revives the tooth for up to 24 hours until a dentist can replant the tooth.

When you use the Save-A-Tooth system a knocked out-tooth can be successfully replanted and retained in 90% of cases. Time is critical-the sooner the knocked out tooth is placed into the system, the greater the chances the tooth can be saved.

The Save-A-Tooth system can help you avoid costly bridgework and preserve your natural smile.

How Save-A-Tooth® Works

When a tooth is knocked-out, the periodontal ligament that attaches the tooth in the socket is torn in half. If the two halves of the ligament are kept alive, when the tooth is replanted, these halves will fuse back together.

However, these ligament cells on the tooth root are very delicate; so they must be protected during transport to a dentist. The Save-A-Tooth® system was designed to suspend the tooth in the solution to prevent damage to the cells. The basket and net in Save-A-Tooth® also help wash debris off of the tooth without scrubbing or touching the cells. This basket also lets a dentist remove the tooth from the system without having to try to grab it with fingers or forceps.

The ligament cells contain nutrients that they need to survive. When a tooth is knocked out, these nutrients are used by the cell and cannot be replaced by normal means. In order to keep these cells alive, the lost nutrients need to be replaced. The special fluid in Save-A-Tooth®, called Hank's Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS), provides the necessary nutrients to nurish the cells and keep the ligament alive for up to 24 hours. By keeping these cells alive, the success rate of replanted teeth goes from around 10% to 90%!

What are people saying about Save-A-Tooth?

 "I have been involved in several cases in which SAVE-A-TOOTHTM has been used to save the avulsed teeth of several patients. One, a ten-year old girl, had two teeth knocked out while riding her bicycle. The knocked out teeth were store in a SAVE-A-TOOTHTM system. Without using this product, the chance of success following the replantation would have been very small. By using it, there is a good chance of retaining these teeth. This is a great product, and one that should be in every dentist's office, every school and every ambulance."

Henry Rankow, D.D.S.
Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics,
Harrisburg, PA


"I plan to introduce SAVE-A-TOOTHTM to the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society. Seldom do truly worthwhile products appear for our scrutiny that appear to have such a high degree of efficacy."

Gene Monahan, A.T.C.
Head Trainer, New York Yankees

"I recently used your product to save a tooth on a member of the Boston Bruins hockey team. I don't know why all athletic directors of high schools and colleges are not advised of this system."

Dr. Robert J. Thomas, D.D.S.
Wellesley, MA

"SAVE-A-TOOTHTM overcomes all of the obstacles encountered with prereplantation of avulsed tooth storage. It preserves and protects a knocked out tooth for four days successfully. It is simple to use and store for emergency situations. I have recommended it to hospital emergency rooms in my area. I would also recommend school nurses, athletic people, anesthesiologists and parents to have this system on hand to protect our children and athletes from unnecessary tooth loss."

Dr. Erwin Wolf, D.M.D.
Wyomissing, PA

"My youngest daughter fell head-over-heels off her bicycle and came up without her two front teeth. I didn't think her teeth would be salvageable. But a staff member in the emergency room used SAVE-A-TOOTHTM to save her teeth. After a successful replantation, our Christina is smiling again. And so are we!"

Mrs. Michael Petry
Lebanon, PA