Remedent Jr. Kids Toothbrush and Tongue Cleaner
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Remedent Jr. Kids Toothbrush and Tongue Cleaner

Vendor: Remedent


REMEDENT Jr. is a toothbrush, gumbrush and tongue cleaner all in one.

Positioned as a therapeutic device, this comprehensive oral hygiene instrument gives you 3 brushing heads on one handle. Most people don't do a thorough job brushing, because they rush through it. REMEDENT solves this problem as the gumbrush automatically hugs the teeth and gums, assuring all surfaces are cleaned and gums massaged, inside and out.

Dentist Recommended Brushing Technique:

The built in Gumbrush is probably the most celebrated aspect of this product. When Remedent's gumbrush is placed around the teeth, the twin facing heads hug your teeth & gums at the recommended 45 angle, half the bristles on the teeth, and half on the gums....precisely how your dentist tells you to do it. The result is essential gum massage while cleaning the gumline with minimal effort.

At the opposite end of the handle is a high premium toothbrush with a built-in tongue cleaner. This is an excellent tool to pull plaque from the tongue. The wide design quickly and effectively cleans the tongue and biting surface of the teeth. This brush has a V-trim, to enable bristles to easily get between teeth to dislodge debris and plaque. After you brush your teeth, you can use this brush to clean your tongue.

This has several benefits:

  • Prevention of plaque transfer from the tongue to the teeth.
  • Stimulates taste buds.
  • Freshens breath.
  • Remedent Junior even comes with a handy wall clip for storage.