Dr.Collins BioFloss
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Dr.Collins BioFloss

Type: Floss
Vendor: Dr.Collins


Dr.Collins Biofloss is the very future of flossing technology. Dr.Collins BioFloss is made of a strong multifilament fiber that doesn’t shred or break. These same multifilaments fan out when you floss, spreading over a greater surface area of your teeth. BioFloss also features Soft Abrasives®, a polisher added to the filaments to remove plaque and debris more effectively. But perhaps the greatest innovation is that BioFloss is not coated in wax like most floss on the market. It instead has a patented coating of high viscosity silicones called Ultramulsion®. Ultramulsion allows the floss to easily slide between the teeth like waxed floss, but is able to pick up plaque way more efficiently. Dr.Collins Biofloss will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean, and its mint flavor will stay with you for a long time afterwards. Once you try Dr.Collins Biofloss, you’ll never feel the same about flossing again!

Made in The Netherlands

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