Canker Care + Herbal Canker Sore Gel
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Canker Care + Herbal Canker Sore Gel


Stop Pain - Speed Healing
Fifty-six million Americans suffer from canker sores. They’re painful, nasty, and difficult to eliminate. Most canker sore products provide pain relief, but do not help heal the sores. The healthful, natural nutrients in Canker Care+ do both. Canker Care + is a soothing liquid that forms a protective gel on the canker sore. The soft applicator brush is gentle on even the most sensitive canker sores.

Canker Care+ Goes to Work Right Away

  • Eliminates canker sore pain
  • Speeds canker sore healing
  • Forms protective gel over canker sore
  • Soft brush for painless application
  • 14 healing and soothing nutrients
Canker Care+ is the most comprehensive natural canker sore formula you can buy:


  • Lysine: An amino acid with healing and anti viral properties.
  • Aloe Vera: Soothing plant used to speed healing.
  • Menthol: An oral analgesic and pain reliever.
  • Myrrh: A traditional remedy for gum and mouth irritations.
  • Licorice (DGL): Clinically proven to heal canker sores fast.
  • Goldenseal: Has astringent properties that help treat wounds and sores.
  • Echinacea: Native American herb traditionally used to heal open sores.
  • Tea Tree Oil: An anti-fungal healing oil distilled from the Australian plant Melaleucan Alternifolia.
  • Gum Benzoin: A gum resin used in healing skin irritations.
  • Vitamin B12: Deficiencies of this vitamin are thought to cause canker sores.