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Fits All Braun Oral-B Power Toothbrushes except the Oral-B Sonic complete and the Oral-B Vitality Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrush

All Oral-B power brush heads are based on the compact rotary design pioneered by Oral-B. They all have soft end-rounded bristles and are clinically proven safe on teeth and gums.

For most adults, the ideal brush head is the Oral-B� FlexiSoft�, with unique FlexiSoft bristles and longer Interdental Tip bristles for deep interproximal reach. The Oral-B ExtraSoft provides a gentle brushing sensation due to its longer bristle filaments. If you have special needs like cleaning around bridges, crowns or implants, try the Oral-B� Interspace� brush head. The Oral-B Ortho is recommended for both adults and children with braces, since it is designed to clean around the orthodontic brackets.

  Triumph Professional Care 9000 Professional Care 8000 & 7000 Series Vitality Precision Clean & Sensitive AdvancePower 900 & 400 Vitality Sonic Sonic Complete
FlexiSoft/Precision Clean    
Pro White    
DualAction/Dual Clean    
Sonic Sonic        


Oral-B Triumph FlossAction Replacement Brush Heads

Oral-B Triumph Floss Action Replacement Brush Heads

  • Patented MicroPulse� bristles penetrate deep between teeth to sweep away plaque for a floss-like clean*
  • Clinically superior� for a whole new level of clean
  • Heals and reverses gingivitis for improved gum health
  • Smart Technology enables Oral-B Triumph to recognize brushhead and advise when it should be replaced
  • Fits all Braun Oral-B power toothbrushes except the Oral-b Sonic Complete Toothbrush

*Does not replace flossing.
�vs. Oral-B FlexiSoft� brushhead

FlexiSoft EB17

Oral-B FlexiSoft/Precision Clean Brush Heads

  • FlexiSoft� bristles bend when in contact with water to provide a gentle brushing sensation

  • Interdental tips to penetrate deep between the teeth

  • Indicator� bristles' color fades reminding of brushhead replacement need

  • Fits all Oral-B Power Toothbrushes (Rechargeable/Battery) except CrossAction Power.

Oral-B Pulsonic Refill Brush Set

Oral-B Pulsonic Refill Brush Set

Includes: 3 Pulsonic Brush Heads, 1 Precision Tip Head

Thin precision bristles to help provide gentle cleaning for a radiant smile. Dentists recommend changing your brush head every 3 months.

Brush head only fits on Oral-B Pulsonic Handle

ExtraSoft EB17 ES

Oral-B ExtraSoft Brush Head

  • Indicator� bristles' color fades reminding of brushhead replacement need

  • Extra soft bristles texture

  • Fits all Oral-B Power Toothbrushes (Rechargeable/Battery) except CrossAction Power� and Oral-B Sonic Complete�

DualAction EB417

Oral-B DualAction/DualClean

  • FlexiSoft� bristles bend for gentle brushing sensation.

  • Combines superior oscillating motion with side-to-side movement

  • Outer bristles surround each tooth for a thorough cleaning

  • Gum care, breath freshening and superior cleaning, all in one brush.

  • Interdental tips clean deep between teeth and below gumline.

  • Indicator� bristles signal brushhead replacement.

  • Fits all Oral-B Power Toothbrushes (Rechargeable/Battery) except CrossAction� Power and Oral-B� Sonic Complete.�

Interspace IP17

Oral-B PowerTip (formerly Interspace)

  • Interspace� brushhead specifically designed to clean interdental and hard-to-reach spaces

  • Fits all Oral-B Power Toothbrushes (Rechargeable/Battery) except CrossAction� Power and Oral-B� Sonic Complete. �

Oral-B Sonic Complete Adult Brush Head

Oral-B Sonic Complete Adult Brushhead

  • Patented CrissCross� bristles are angled to better clean teeth and stimulate gums
  • PowerTip� bristles are longer to reach those difficult spots
  • Indicator� bristles fade halfway signaling replacement
  • A cushioned head buffers the teeth from the high speed brushhead movement
  • Fits the Oral-B Sonic Complete� and Oral-B Vitality Sonic Rechargeable toothbrushes

Oral-B Kids' Brushhead Refills

Oral-B Kids' Brushhead Refills

  • Indicator� bristles' color fades reminding of brushhead replacement need
  • Smaller brushhead with extra soft ("flowered") bristles.
  • Center row of longer bristles to effectively clean chewing surfaces
  • Special Disney� characters
  • Fits all Oral-B Power Toothbrushes (Rechargeable/Battery) except CrossAction Power.
  • 1 Brushhead per pack

Sonicare UV Sanitizer

Sonicare UV Sanitizer

  • UV Sanitizer - A breakthrough innovation from the maker of the #1 recommended power toothbrush brand by dental professionals
  • Simple - Sanitize your brush head with one push of a button
  • Sanitize - Kills up to 99% of E.Coli and Streptococcus Mutans
  • Worry Free - Enjoy the benefits of a UV sanitized brush every day
  • Fits all Oral-B replacement brush heads (except Sonic Complete)